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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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bubba morale >>pam: human remains were found earlier this year. j.r stone has the latest developments. >>j.r: if that he parked auburn at the end of the road >> wesley shermantine is not making this up. >> bounty hunter led india had been in contact with shermantine. aqaba
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>> the diaz says tuesday's site survey is in the same spot >> it is the same area where he drew maps back in february and march. >> what they're doing now is to establish exactly where the other four wells are. once they get in there, they will find bodies, no doubt. >> you saw some of the pictures there. this is a very rules area. they have brought in heavy equipment, but no digging at this point.
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>> the fbi basically told me that they were not going to tell us. thirdthird thing >> knew it tonight, surveillance video.
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>> as you can see in this surveillance video, a bright flash of light. ashore about what has happened, many tried to rush out of the civic center bart station. look at the smoke. all of this happened on sunday, september 16th.
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>> immediately after the blast san francisco fire called in. >> we did not have a fire, there was no material consumed by fire. >> fire officials said a knowledgeable are like this one has happened before.
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>> this is right near the rainbow rec center. reggie kumar is reporting on who police think is responsible for the shooting. >> the woman was sitting here when the bullets start flying. she said at first she thought it was firecrackers. bullets also hit this home. mclaughlin says she and her daughter had the ground when they heard the gunshots.
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>> the santa clara elementary school principal accused of dealing in date rape and other drugs >> according to the police report obtained by kron4 news, the santa clara county specialize to force the team found cameras hidden in a teddy bear, a coat hanger, a cigarette lighter and watch. they also seized computer
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files. they are under heavy scrutiny given his day job as an elementary school principal. >> in particular, because of the access to minors and because it was a principal, they want to make sure that there are no minors involved. >> will could make this a serious is if there is some type of sexual assault involved were videotaping of people who are under the influence or had
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been drugged by this man. >> he remains in jail in lieu of $25,000 bail. he will be back in court again on friday. >> a family afraid to sleep in their own homes after their 11 year old was shot by sleeping in his bed last week. he was struck by one of 16 bullets. the bullet remains lodged in his liver. >> you want to move your family out of that house? >> yes. >> take a look at why he does not want to take his family back to the east oakland home. it was recently riddled with bullet holes. one of those bullets struck yet remains inside of his 11
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year-old son. >> hopefully i will find a new house to move in. i do not want to for my kids back into that house. >> since the shooting his wife has remained at a hospital with their son. >> my son prefers to stay here every day. >> he says all of his children are scared to be of the house. >> my kids wake up in the middle of the night, they hear noises and they wake up scared. >> developing news in the east bay, westbound lanes of 580 are shut down in the castro valley. police are investigating a shooting that happened on the interstate.
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580 west in castro valley are closed. fasad westbound lanes are really slow. eastbound lanes are fairly slow, but not as bad. 580 west expected to reopen the hour. >>pam: moving forward with a speedy process, will take on a tour of the new 49ers stadium in santa clara. other earth in the past in san francisco, a look at some historical finds discovered during construction near san francisco city hall and 1it8 leads california police on a high-speed chase, the dramatic conclusion ahead.
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>>pam: workers uncovered a bit of history last week near the u. n. plaza. they found part of the foundation of the old city hall that was destroyed in a 1906 earthquake and fire. jeff bush shows you what happened next. >> if you take a walk near the construction zone, you can see it, the foundation of the original city hall is exposed for passersby to get a glimpse of history. fortunately the general services administration owns the building next to the site. they have an archaeologist on staff that was surprised by the find. >> we are aware that there was the possibility of coming on something it is still a happy surprise. the outline of old san francisco city hall, the rotunda was here on what was then called park avenue and then come the foundations that we have over here are the very easternmost edge of the eastern league.
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>> things looked different back in 1906. the foundation was discovered over there did the u.n. building. the old city hall went from over there and extended all the way to work in st. st. historia and archaeologists will take advantage of the new discovery to document as much as they can't say there could be other discoveries from a time before the old city hall was built. >> would also find remains associated with the air bubble in a cemetery which was what existed in this area before it was developed for the old city hall building.n as the documentation work is done, landscapers will come back to cover-up the exposed foundation >>pam: we are also getting a better look at the progress of the san francisco 49ers a new stadium in santa clara. police here read went along on a tort inside the stadium.
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>> stl uction is at the halfway mark. the three men standing just over 100 ft. tall. there will be four more stories built on top of that. the 50 yd line is in the center of the field and everything else is being built around it. there are hundreds of workers on deck each day. there is a lot more work that needs to be done. these giant cranes are here to do some heavy lifting. but recasts will sit on top of these beans and then seeds on top of the precast.
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the difference shivs' amount to about 20 working hours each day. >> this is a very aggressive schedule but they are on track to be open for the 2014 season. jacqueline bennett temperatures were a little cooler up there today in some spots, mainly closer to the coastline. away from the coastal and it was rather warm and places like antioch and livermore. and it's out a result temperatures in the upper seventies. same thing in the north bay. as we head into tomorrow, more extensive fog coverage. that will be cooler conditions for more portions of the bay area. the cooling trend will be short-lived as we head into thursday and friday.
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and the south bay temperatures running mainly in the '70s. for our inland valleys, temperatures in these inland but a few degrees cooler division today. for the east the shores, a mix of '60s and '70s. for the coast line, we will see temperatures later for the afternoon. >> here is a look a your extended forecast. cooler weather tomorrow. into thursday, friday and the
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weekend the fall will release scale back and be gone by the weekend. more sunshine and warmer temperatures. remember, you can get the latest forecast any time. >> the president had the world as his stage today. he made a last address of his first time did united nations general assembly. the president used the occasion to tell american ideals. >> the president says it cannot just be up to the u.s. to protect religious rights and free speech. it comes after an anti islamic video produced in the u.s.. the president ask for unanimous condemnation of the mob that killed the u.s. ambassador to libya and three others and comedy affirmed america's interests of all religions.
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>>president obama: the future must not belong to those this land of a profit of islam. to be credible, those who condemn that slandered was also condemned the heat that we see the images of jesus christ that are desecrated or churches that are destroyed or, the holocaust that is denied. >> the president took on a number of issues that led to america and the muslim world, warning around the world is or impatient with its secrecy around its nuclear program. >> america wants to resolve this issue to diplomacy. >> then, a lesson in freedom of expression. >> at a time when anyone with a cellphone can spread offenses in use around the world with the click of a button, the notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete and on this, we must agree, there is no speech that justifies mindless violence. >> the president called on leaders to speak out forcefully
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against violence and extremism. >> coming up later in the broadcast of the oakland a's are fighting for a playoff berth.
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>>pam: a high-speed police chase ended with a crash, you will not believe police say was behind the wheel. a 13 year-old school this car and crashed last night and the stockton area. police spotted the reported stolen vehicle he had tried to perform a traffic stop. that is what he took off. look for >>reporter: are the car. he was rushed to the hospital, cited and released. >> the governor is making it easier for authorities to investigate mortgage fraud in california. brown signed several bills into law.
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one allows the attorney general to convene a statewide grand jury to investigate financial crimes involving victims and multiple counties. another bill gives prosecutors three years of flat just want to find charges to more tightly the crimes in the third bill requires new owners of foreclosed of the to give tenants at least 90 days before starting the eviction process for. all of these measures were a part of family harrises holder bill of rights and packaged. we will be life after if [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> bay area transit authorities are scrambling to prevent a smart phone out that allows people to take free rides. >> today we're looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. >> governor brown visited google headquarters in mountain view to sign a bill into law that brings a driverless cars are one step closer to the roads.
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[ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. the >>pam: here is a look at our top stories. fbi investigators say to an area where human remains were found. it is the connection with the speed freak tellers case.
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investigators found thousands of human bone fragments earlier this year. at this point, digging for more human bones has not started. >>pam: it shooting happened around 3:00 in oakland. police are still trying to find out who fired the dozens of shots. no one was hit by the bullets. technology may allow golden gate siri ended muni writers to crack the code and it ride for free.
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the security flaw is in a very specific type of clipper card. >> a securities law has been discovered in the limited use clipper cards. it could allow muni writers and ferry passengers to ride for free. >> a new generations of smart phones could be used to essentially rolled back the number of trips taken on the limited use transit cars. >> they must have advanced the technology. they must little with the software program designed to rip off the transit agencies.
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>> the metropolitan transportation commission has not about this potential problem for more than a year. so far, a few writers if any have taken advantage of the fog. >> if we detected views who will make adjustments. >> today we are looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow's reality. >>pam: gov. jerry brown visited the global headquarters
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in mountain view to sign a bill into law that brings driverless cars are one step closer to the road. he was joined by the google co-founder who was very passionate about the project. >> the governor surprised the media by pulling up to the global headquarters in mountain view.
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>> this is of vital car is another step forward and as long march of california pioneering the future and leading not just of the country, but the entire world. >> of these vehicles have the potential to avoid accidents. >> it has the power to change people's lives. >> the co-founder of the google believes this technology can help people who cannot drive. >> there are many people who are underserved by our transportation today. blind people, people with other disabilities, some people who are too young, some people
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are too old, sometimes to court to adopt it. there are many reasons why the people are underserved in transportation. >> google hopes to have these cars available to the public within five years. >> this has become the blown call that defies the nfl replacement rafts. it happened on national television.
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>> the nfl issued a statement not apologizing to the state in part there should have been a penalty for offensive pass interference. it was not call but is not reviewable by instant replay. as a result of its final. people in rebate are so unhappy.
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the >> it is time to get the real raffs furious it reminds me of present obama and the economy, if you cannot get it right, is five to get out if that i did not think it was a touchdown. i thought the pass was interest tempted. fifth fifth >> the owners are a bunch of clowns and to much money and ego. take a look at what another the were had to say.
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>>pam: more good news about that housing market. home prices are on the rise again. the s&p national home price index shows that average prices increased 1.6% between june and july. that is of the third straight month of the prices have improved. average home prices were at their best level in nine years.
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>>pam: not so good news for staples. the company announced today that it is closing stores and shrinking operations. " staples plan to trim retail square footage in the united states by 15 percent by the year 2015. the plan includes closing 30 stores in the downsizing or relocating another 30 stores by the end of the fiscal year. the company is also consolidating retail and online operations and closing 45 stores and delivery businesses in europe. >> the oakland a's are fighting for their playoff rights in another league inning thriller with the rangers. gary has sports coming up next.
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goliath would
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>>stanley: as an francisco is known worldwide for its tourist attractions. unfortunately, san francisco is also known as one of the dirtiest cities. tony lives on nob hill. >> people dump furniture's, boxes, up pillows, mattresses. i do not know if it is coming from this building or from neighbors. >>stanley: he is right, on the curb, mattresses, discorded liquor bottles, you name it. some people say it is because garbage cans removed in some areas but let's be honest, you
8:45 pm
cannot fit a mattress in a trash can. in the tenderloin district there are some streets better trash cans for public use that some of the time they're used for other things. >> the full day in the man kicked them over just because. trash gets everywhere. fact
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jacqueline bennett temperatures this evening are on the cooler side near the coast line. we are still seen fog. here's a look in your current temperatures.
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for fan fact >>jaqueline: here's a look a your extended forecast. more sunshine and warmer conditions into the weekend. >> did not forget, you can find the latest forecast any time on the new kron4 bay
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area's news channel, comcast 193. >>gary: good evening. the oakland a's are playing as they fight for a playoff berth. there are in texas. the >>gary: at a great catch by
8:49 pm
moss. the oakland a's are right there. they beat the rangers 3-2. they're not a half-game back from baltimore for the first wild-card playoff myriads fact
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>>gary: the atlanta braves clinched their playoff berth tonight.
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>>gary: reportedly over $2 million went out of the window when the nfl roll along with the officials last night in favor of seattle.
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>>gary: this weekend is the ryder cup.
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